‘How brain matter becomes aware and manages to think is a mystery that has been pondered by philosophers, theologians, mystics and ordinary people for millennia,’

Consciousness is the experience of nerves plugging into the brain’s self-generated electromagnetic field to drive what we call “free will” and our voluntary actions.’ 

Much of the brain’s function remains a mystery but scientists do know that messages are passed around by tiny electrical signals via specialized cells called neurons. 

Consciousness is everything you experience.

These human experiences / brains energy we connect to world to solve needs.

But it remains one of the great mysteries of science.

Its existence is irrefutable as every human can attest to it. 

However, it is exceptionally difficult to prove or quantify. 

Consciousness encompasses everything it is to exist and be human.  

There are seven theories as to what makes consciousness a thing focusing on two major aspects, a so-called easy problem and a hard problem. 

The easy problem is the underlying biological processes which control perception, memory and attention. 

The problem is hotly debated. Even its existence is a topic of disquiet among academics. 

This is trying to explain why there is a subjective, first person aspect of consciousness. 

For example, why does banging our funny bone hurt? Why do our bodies not simply register the bodily damage?

This question is exactly what science struggles with.   

What science struggles can be solved by HUMAN consciousness Network.

As a result, the brain creates a small electromagnetic field, also an established fact.

we sharing from last  30 yrs telling world   “NET WILL THINK AND ACT “

We called these neurons net as “INTER INTELEGENT PROCESS NET “

open AI BRAIN NET can serve needs of world humans and eco system.

We can connect these brains to Solve needs of people /business/ gov / Eco system.